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Why Is It Worth Learning Arabic Online? Learn Arabic Online With Studio Arabiya

Arabic, a Semitic language having origins in the first and fourth centuries CE and affinities to the ancient languages of Hebrew, Aramaic, and Phoenician, is currently the Arab world’s lingua franca, spoken by about 400 million people. Is that enough reason to learn it, though?

Studio Arabiya has some other reasons why investing in learning Arabic is worth it after all. Read on to know more.

Why Is It Worth Learning Arabic?

Have you considered studying Arabic but are unmotivated? That is something we can fix! Here is a list of factors to consider if you want to feel inspired to study more Arabic:

  • Arabic is The Original Language of Islam.

If you are a Muslim, this should be your primary motivation for learning Arabic. To be able to read and understand the Quran, you should definitely learn Arabic. 

Reading and comprehending the Quran in its original language links you to its core and brings you closer to Allah SWT since you are reading His real words.

If you want to learn and understand more about Islam in general, studying Arabic is your ticket to a deeper knowledge of this complicated and fascinating religion.

  • Quran Translation is Not Enough

Although translations may teach you a lot about the Quran, understanding it in its original language is unrivaled. Understanding and mastering the intricacies of Quranic Arabic will allow you to get unique insight that would otherwise be lost in translation.

Quran translation may assist you in comprehending the actual essence, analyzing the lessons, and learning everything you need to know about Quranic tales. Reading the Quran in a foreign language, on the other hand, removes the spiritual aspect from it.

  • Arabic Is Spoken In Many Countries

Arabic is the official language of over 20 nations and is spoken by approximately 300 million people. So learning Arabic will allow you to travel, work, and experience all of these Arabic-speaking nations.

  • Arabic Connects You With A Rich Civilization

The Arabic language has such interesting historical roots that students of the language will undoubtedly get access to a whole other universe, with a rich history and foundations in another culture and age.

Even the history of the Arabic alphabet (Abjad), with 18 forms that represent 28 phonetic sounds using diacritical markings, can transport you through time and place to “the writing of the semi-nomadic Nabataean tribes”, who occupied the Sinai Peninsula, southern Syria, Jordan, and Northern Arabia.”

Stone inscriptions in the Nabataean alphabet that have survived bear striking resemblances to the present Arabic writing system.

  • You Get To Observe The Arabic Culture Independently

Studying Arabic will provide you with a better knowledge of the subtleties and complexities of Arab culture, which is frequently misinterpreted and distorted via Western cultural lenses.

How can we combat stereotypes and superficial interactions? Learning a language is an effective approach to combat ignorance about countries and people.

  • The Arabic Vocabulary Is Extensive

Every word in Arabic has an equivalent that expresses the difference accurately. Some nouns, such as camel, have over 100 variants. Each of these variants is used to describe a different condition. 

A terrified camel, for example, is referred to as “Al-Jafool.” The term “Al-Harib” refers to a female camel who moves far ahead of the rest, giving the appearance that it is escaping.

It is the only language capable of such a rich and accurate lexicon. It’ll be amazing to be able to express your ideas and emotions so precisely.

  • You’ll Be Able To Read Arabic Literature

Arabic literature is one of the most popular literature in the world. Learning Arabic will enable you to read some of the famous classic literature and enjoy them in their original form.

If you like Aladdin, Ali Baba, and Sindbad, or the Arabic myths, you’ll experience them in a new way by reading them in their original language. Imagine reading the famous ‘The One Thousand and One Nights (Alf Layla wa Layla)’ or the original versions of Hafez and Ahmad Shawqi’s poetry.

  • It’ll Be Easier To Learn Other Languages 

Not surprisingly, Arabic is connected to other global languages, and understanding Arabic can help you study other languages including Farsi or Persian, Turkish, Urdu, and Hebrew. 

The majority of the terms in these languages’ lexicons are linked to or originated from the same source as Arabic terminology. The grammatical structures and semantics of these languages are also similar.

  • Your Chances Are Higher In Landing A Good Job

Speaking, writing, and reading Arabic might help you land a job in a reputable firm or organization in a rapidly changing work market. Arabic is a UN language that is in high demand these days.

Can You Learn Arabic Online?

Yes, you can learn Arabic online with Studio Arabiya. Studio Arabiya, which was formed in 2011, has quickly developed to become one of the leading online Arabic and Quran schools, providing instruction in all aspects of the Arabic language and the Quran.

Studio Arabiya offers high-quality Arabic education to individuals all over the world by offering a wide range of Arabic courses taught by expert native speakers with significant experience teaching learners of all ages.

All of these sessions may be taught online through Skype to individuals who are unable to attend in person or who reside on the other side of the world with no reliable nearby institution to teach Arabic.

The courses range from the most fundamental Arabic lessons to brief Arabic courses for even the most complex literature. The foundations of the language, such as the Arabic letters and verb conjugation, are taught, as well as advanced themes such as Arabic poetry and deep etymology.

All you have to do is visit Studio Arabiya’s website and browse the course you want to begin with and sign up in moments. You may also contact customer service to speak with a professional Arabic teacher if you’re unsure about which topic to start with.

Can I Master The Arabic Language Online?

Yes, you can master the Arabic language online using Skype with Studio Arabiya. All you have to do is fill out the application for the course you want to attend, and the Studio Arabiya team will contact you. Then you entrust them with everything and you’ll be sure that you’ll learn in the right way.

Some individuals are skeptical about the method of learning a new language only through online sessions. Studio Arabiya’s lessons, on the other hand, are not just online sessions. They provide structured lessons, high-quality instructional materials, and expert tutoring in a variety of classroom settings.

Related Questions

Is It Necessary To Learn Arabic In Order To Understand The Quran?

Yes, you have to learn Arabic in order to understand the Quran. Allah SWT commanded Muslims to recite the Quran in its native language, Arabic. One explanation for this is that the meanings of the Quran are so exact, and nothing is more precise than Arabic phrases. 

How Long Does It Take To Learn The Arabic Language?

Because Arabic is one of the most challenging languages to learn, many students are concerned about how long it takes to master the language. To achieve speaking and reading competency in Arabic, it takes an average of 1.69 years (88 weeks) or 2,200 hours of Arabic language courses.