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What Are The Different Methods Of Learning Arabic?

Arabic is a marvelous language that is high in demand from thousands of learners all around the world. Most of these learners are Muslims who are seeking to get closer to Allah SWT by learning the original language of the Quran. If you want to know how to learn Quranic Arabic online, keep reading.

What is Quranic Arabic?

The Quranic Arabic is the unique language that the Quran is written in. It is also known as “classical Arabic,” which refers to the standardized literary form of the old Arabic language that was employed beginning in the seventh century and extending into the Middle Ages.

When you study Arabic, you will learn the alphabet (abjad) and letterforms, as well as the fundamentals of the language. You will also learn Tashkeel (vowel marks) so that you may correctly interpret and recite the Quranic text.

To read and comprehend the Quran, let alone memorize it, you must have a solid grasp of the Arabic language. So, by learning Arabic, you receive plenty of good deeds bestowed upon you by Allah SWT since you took the time and effort to understand your religion and get closer to Him.

The Different Methods of Learning Arabic

  • Reading Learning Books

There are lots of Arabic textbooks written in a simplified manner to encourage people to learn the language from scratch. This method relies on memorizing Arabic vocabulary and studying grammatical structures. The emphasis of this method is on learning Arabic grammar principles and being able to read and write in Arabic.

This is a fantastic and cost-effective technique for learners who wish to know the principles of a language and be able to apply these principles to their speaking and writing. Students who utilize this approach, however, do not have many opportunities to speak or listen to Arabic and must learn a large number of grammar rules to notice improvements.

  • Listening To Arabic Audio

Listening to podcasts, for example, may help some people to learn Arabic. This is a bit difficult, however, it suits students who learn better by listening. Pick an interesting topic you personally like and find an Arabic podcast for it so you can enjoy and learn.

  • Immersion in Arabic

This is one of the most popular methods people try to learn Arabic or improve their language skills. You can apply this method by regularly watching Arabic movies or series and listening to music in Arabic.

This might entail traveling to an Arabic-speaking country, staying there for months, and living your daily life in Arabic. The Immersion Approach requires Arabic students to utilize language skills on a daily basis. It’s also an excellent choice for people who dislike formal schools and have lots of time and money to spare.

It might be hard at first to understand everything you read or hear, but with practice and dedication, you get better with time.

  • Translation

The translation method is selecting an Arabic book and utilizing a bilingual dictionary to translate between Arabic and your own language. It’s the “traditional” method of language acquisition. 

While this is a highly cost-effective method of language acquisition that can provide results for those willing to devote time and energy to studying, it is not a very suitable method for people who want to learn to have a real conversation in Arabic.

  • Direct Communication With Native Speakers

You may have an Arabic friend who can communicate with you in your own language, great! Now, try having a conversation with them in Arabic. Let them give you advice and guide you on what to learn first in order to improve your Arabic skills. 

It is also necessary to be able to connect with non-native Arabic language learners. Find a conversation club where you may speak with other language learners at your level and support each other to improve.

  • Online Arabic courses

This method is currently gaining more popularity due to the COVID-19 pandemic. More people are spending their free time learning new things online. Arabic learners are no different. Learning Arabic online allows you to make use of all aspects of previously mentioned approaches and more.

Online Arabic lessons are delivered via digital platforms with video conferencing technology and a professional native Arabic teacher. Courses are offered at various levels of language competency to suit learners of all ages.

What Is The Most Effective Method Of Learning Arabic?

The most effective method of learning Arabic is taking online Arabic courses. Learning online has never been easier. You just need some free time in your schedule and a good internet connection. Learning Arabic online combines aspects of the 5 methods mentioned above. 

When you learn Arabic online with a trusted institution like Studio Arabiya, you get the best aspects of every method that can be used to learn Arabic with extra benefits and virtues. 

With online learning at Studio Arabiya, you get:

  1. Reading, writing, listening, and speaking activities are used to teach Arabic vocabulary, grammar, and culture to make sure you learn everything you need to learn.
  2. The possibility of studying with audio materials uploaded in the course material or referred by the course tutor. This improves your Arabic listening skills.
  3. A daily time of Arabic immersion that can help you improve.
  4. Frequent Arabic-to-native-language translation activities to help you express the words in both Arabic and your own language. 
  5. Learning from a native Arabic speaker who has been properly trained and equipped to teach you.
  6. The opportunity to engage with both native Arabic speakers and other non-native Arabic language learners during group classes.
  7. Motivating performance rewards to encourage regular practice.
  8. The ability to study at your own pace.
  9. Frequent skills testing to monitor your progress.
  10. Flexible schedules and methods of learning.