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How do you work as a teacher of the Quran and Arabic for foreigners?

Teaching Quran for foreigners from the professions that have recently spread and have become a haven for many because they generate a lot of money and foreign currencies as well. How can I start practicing this profession and benefit from it in an ideal way?

Of course, no disagreement teaching Quran for foreigners has become at present one of the professions that everyone covets in it due to the many advantages available through it, here we are talking about material and moral benefits, this is something that everyone desires, but many problems that prevent working in this job and making it a stressful dream for many reasons, and the fact is that these problems or restrictions are usually easy to solve and can be avoided in several ways, and this we will talk about in the next few lines. When we deal in detail with the profession of teaching the Quran for foreigners with everything related to it, stating the way to start practicing this profession and taking advantage of all the benefits that you provide to its employees, all those who are interested in this matter, are you ready to discover the secrets of the profession of memorization remotely? Well, let’s start.


Online Quran Learning

No one can hear “Teaching the Quran to foreigners” without thinking that there will be someone sitting face to face with a group of foreigners to teach them the Holy Quran; this may happen, of course. But it is certainly not what we will talk about or what we mean in this article, as the situation here is about the person sitting somewhere and willing to teach someone sitting elsewhere in the world, and this exactly is done through the Internet and a series of famous programs in this regard, you will be online Quran teacher. The important thing in online Quran teaching is that perhaps the teacher does not see those people who are teaching the Quran for them, and maybe also it will be for young foreign children who cannot speak Arabic.

This means that we will be required to meet some conditions or learn how this will eventually be done.


How to work in this profession?

Memorizing the Quran with Tajweed

The obvious situation, of course, says that if you want to work in this profession, you must first be familiar with this field, you should be accurate preservation of the Quran, and this is perhaps what some people are not seeking to achieve adequately, despite its importance. Above all, they look at the idea of the money they will get from this job. Then, they start immediately to move forward to it and to follow the steps of acceptance. Theoretically it cannot be relied upon because this function requires completely knowledge of some rules of curation with a few educational items for children, which are mainly derived from the Quran. Ultimately, such conditions remain badly needed so that you can necessarily go beyond accepting the job, and talk here about many successes.


English Proficiency

Another key condition must be achieved before applying to the function of teaching the Quran to foreigners and not only to work on it. This condition is related to the proficiency of the English language, complete and right, and not just ordinary proficiency, as some may think that knowledge of some simple rules or those that can be described as primitive is enough. You think you need some keywords that enable you to communicate with your students. Still, you need to be aware of everything that goes around you in that first global language, for which your student will often be a user, so you need 100% English proficiency. Of course, there is no need to say that this is within the main conditions set before joining this post.


Contact with companies specialized in teaching Quran to foreigners

Now we have the ideal language, in addition to being familiar with the rules of Tajweed, we have almost 70% of what we need to deal with this field, which is full of thousands of aspiring to achieve a prestigious status, but the problem here is that there is no awareness of specialized companies. Unfortunately, some many companies and sites exist for erasure only, they are not specialized or professional, and finally, they are shocked by the unfortunate result, generally, through social media sites, many professional and specialized companies can now be found. Just ask someone who is an expert or even an experienced person for these companies to recommend the best online Quran classes for you to learn Quran online.

These companies have many kinds; Quran academy, Quran institute, and so on; they can provide you best online Quran classes.


Why should you teach for Studio Arabiya Institute?

Studio Arabiya is a place that you can find all of these advantages. We are a large group of staff & teams that come together with your best interest in mind. Our Educational team has spent years developing and strategizing the best structures for our courses.

Our mission is to help all foreigners learn Quran and Arabic language, and we will be glad to have you in our team.

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