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Can You Learn Arabic Online Via Skype With Studio Arabiya?


Have you been thinking about learning Arabic but you struggle with having the time and finding a good tutor to start with you from scratch? We, at Studio Arabiya, hear you and are eager to solve any of your problems, as you may learn Arabic online with us via Skype!


Keep reading to know all about it.

What Are Studio Arabiya Classes?

writing arabic to show how can you learn arabic online via skype

Studio Arabiya, founded in 2011, has swiftly grown to become one of the major online Arabic and Quran schools, offering education in all elements of the Arabic language and the Quran.

As one of the most significant and largest Arabic and Quran centers for non-native speakers of Arabic and the Quran, we teach both online and live classes in Egypt.

Because our aim is to provide high-quality Arabic education to people all over the world, Studio Arabiya Institute provides a variety of Arabic courses taught by professional native speakers who have extensive experience in teaching people of all ages. 

All these classes can be taught online via skype to those who can’t take them in person or live across the world with no credible institution to teach Arabic.


The courses vary from very basic Arabic lessons to short Arabic courses for even the most sophisticated literature. Both the fundamentals of the language, such as the Arabic alphabet and verb conjugation and advanced topics, such as Arabic poetry and deep etymology, are taught. 

Can I Master The Arabic Language Online Via Skype?

Some people doubt the process of learning a new language merely via online sessions. However, Studio Arabiya’s classes are not just online sessions. They provide you with structured classes, premium educational materials, and professional tutoring in a variety of class settings.

So, in conclusion, Yes, you can master the Arabic language online via skype with Studio Arabiya. All you have to do is register for the course you wish to take by filling the application, then the Studio Arabiya team will get in touch with you. Then you leave it all to them, confident that you’ll learn the proper way.

What Can I Learn With Studio Arabiya?

You can learn all about the Arabic language from the most basic rules to the more advanced ones. 

The study of classical Arabic encompasses numerous sciences, all of which are addressed in our courses. Here you will discover lessons and activities to help you improve your reading, writing, pronunciation, lexicology and vocabulary, grammar and syntax, morphology, etymology, rhetoric, and poetry

Here’s what you can learn with Studio Arabiya courses on Skype in detail:

  1. Arabic Reading

The Arabic reading course includes learning the Arabic Alphabet (Abjad) and how they’re read and written. 

There are a total of 28 letters in Arabic (Abjad). The basic shape of each of the 28 Arabic letters varies depending on whether the letter is at the beginning, middle, or end of the word. You won’t be able to comprehend Arabic transcripts until you can write each of these letters.

  1. Arabic Pronunciation

To learn Arabic pronunciation you need to learn the vowel marks (Tashkeel) that helps the reader make the Arabic sound correctly.

Tashkeel is the tiny symbols put above or under Arabic letters. They may or may not appear in all types of Arabic writing, such as the Modern Standard. They are, nevertheless, required in order to learn how to read and comprehend Holy books like the Quran or Hadith.

If Tashkeel is not understood correctly, it might shift the meaning of words and cause confusion or misunderstanding.

  1. Arabic Dictation

Arabic dictation is taught by listening to audio material saying Arabic words and you write them correctly. With Studio Arabiya, you get to learn basic and advanced rules of spelling at multiple levels. The course provides audio instructions and interactive exercises managed by a professional Arabic tutor.

  1. Arabic Calligraphy

The creative activity of handwriting and typography based on the Arabic script is known as Arabic calligraphy. It is known as khatt in Arabic, which is derived from the words ‘line,’ ‘pattern,’ or ‘structure.’

You get to learn different styles of Arabic writings with real artists in Arabic calligraphy.

  1. Arabic Syntax (Nahw)

Arabic Nahw teaches you the arrangement of words and phrases to create well-formed sentences in a language. So, in order to create a useful structured sentence, you need to use Nahw rules.

As a side remark, syntax (nahw) is often what we study while learning how to create appropriate speech, whether written or spoken. Without Nahw rules you can’t make logical arrangements of words and your speech will sound confusing. 

  1. Arabic Morphology (sarf)

Arabic Morphology (sarf) is a branch of classical Arabic that focuses on the meanings derived from patterns and additional letters inside a word’s structure. Tense, voice, and other implications, such as the concept of searching in the attached sample, are examples of these meanings.


This is considered to be an advanced level of Arabic learning, which you also find in Studio Arabiya courses.

  1. Arabic Rhetoric (Balagha)

Do you want to start constructing beautiful Arabic sentences and avoid sounding ‘too basic’? That’s what balagha is all about. Arabic is famous for its rhetoric attractiveness even for non-Arabic speakers. 

With Studio Arabiya, you get to learn rhetoric rules to better express your thoughts and emotions in a correct and beautiful manner.

Benefits Of Learning Arabic Online Via Skype

  1. Flexibility in schedules

Learning online has the advantage of being flexible. You can choose to take the class whenever it suits you after agreeing with your tutor. You can fit the online class into your schedule without wasting any time commuting to and from the learning center.

  1. A variety of topics

As shown above, you have a variety of topics to choose from. Depending on your past knowledge of the Arabic language, you can choose what you need to learn next without complying with a general course of topics you learned before. 

  1. Cost-effective courses

With Studio Arabiya, you get what you pay for and more. With classes much cheaper than traditional classes, you can save money by paying the course price including the educational materials and any other external materials.

  1. Tailored methods of learning

Tutors are well-trained to adjust the technique of learning to the needs of all students, regardless of age. This provides the lessons a lot of flexibility and lets the learner feel at ease while learning and studying complicated Arabic language topics.


You won’t feel stressed or rushed to learn anything too quickly. Tutors examine your learning pace and move accordingly. We understand that Arabic studying takes time and effort, so we give you the chance to take your time and reflect on what you’ve learned before moving forward.

  1. Experienced teachers

With Studio Arabiya’s team of Arabic teachers, you’re in good hands. All hired tutors have teaching experience for several years as Arabic teachers. They have professional training in educational psychology to best understand your learning needs and behaviors and act according to them.

  1. Different learning experience

Learning now is easier than ever. You get to learn and improve your Arabic skills from the comfort of your home. We guarantee that you’ll witness a different learning experience that you’ve never witnessed before.

All of this without risking going out of your home in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic.