About Studio Arabiya

Arabic studio for teaching Quran and Arabic for non-native speakers

Founded in 2011, Studio Arabia Institute quickly became one of the leading online Arabic and Quran institutes globally, providing education in all aspects of the Arabic language and the Holy Quran.

As Studio Al-Arabiya is one of the most important and most prominent centers for teaching the Noble Qur’an and the Arabic language to non-native speakers, it is our duty to always be keen on qualifying teachers to perform this mission with perfection and high quality by constantly providing qualifying courses for teachers.

We have made it our mission to bring the Arabic language and the Holy Quran to those who yearn to learn it by providing high-quality education and competent and well-qualified teachers.

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Why Work for Studio Arabiya?

Studio Arabiya Institute has been operating since 2011 and is a registered entity in both Egypt and the United States, with operations in both countries and students from around the world.

Studio Arabiya Institute has a record of successful management, reliable operations, professionalism in all aspects and flexibility in hours for teachers.

Our Mission

Our mission in Studio Al-Arabiya is to teach the Noble Qur’an and the Arabic language to the whole world in its various dialects. We are also keen on qualifying teachers through specialized courses to be the best teachers of the Noble Qur’an and Arabic language for non-native speakers, and we are constantly working to provide job opportunities for dedicated teachers.

Our Vision

As one of the foundational online institutes for teaching Arabic and the Holy Quran, our vision is to continue to be a leader in this field and provide the best educational experiences for our students.

Our Campus

We have permanent and legally approved premises where management, Studio Arabiya Institute is located in Mokattam South Seen Area, management operates and interviews from this location.

We also offer our Academic Courses for Teachers and Study Abroad Program where students from all over the world come to study live all year round to learn, practice, and speak Arabic.

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